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Buy Your Google Reviews Card Now To Get More 5-Star Reviews

Buy Your Google Reviews Card Now To Get More 5-Star Reviews

Increase your positive 5-star reviews on Google and get ahead of your local competition by purchasing your Google Reviews Card made with NFC technology!

Imagine the excitement of seeing your business receive more 5-star reviews on Google and skyrocket in Google search results , attracting more customers and increasing your clicks on the website and social networks. This is possible by purchasing Google's new review cards: Google Smart Cards!

More Google Reviews = More Customers

Google Reviews are the first thing new customers look at when searching for a product or service like yours in your area. The number of positive 5-star reviews is what will make them come to you or your local competition.

With the 5-star Google review card you will grow your positive Google reviews organically .

By simply holding your smartphone close to the card, your customers can leave you reviews quickly and easily . Say goodbye to slow and annoying processes! The new Google review cards, or Google Smart Cards, made with contactless technology, turn the process into child's play, allowing your customers to share their positive experiences with you in seconds and leaving you 5-star reviews on Google.

Why is the Google Smart Card so effective at getting 5-star reviews?

We use the time when your customer is most "hot" and receptive, which is when they have just obtained your product or service and are happiest. That's when he'll be most motivated to leave you an amazing review. Make it easy for them with the Google Smart Card and they'll write you a fantastic 5-star review in seconds!

Why don't I just ask you to leave me a review the old fashioned way?

The traditional way of asking for reviews is very ineffective. When you ask your customer to leave you a review later, 95% of the time they forget . In addition, you have to dedicate time to the long process involved: remembering, entering Google, searching for your business on Google and finding the profile, logging in and writing the review.

Buy your Google review cards today and you will receive them already encoded with your Google business information and ready to use. Your customers will leave you 5-star reviews on Google in seconds.

    Don't let your competitors appear ahead of you in Google searches. Implement the Google Smart Cards in your business today. More reviews, more customers, more profits. Act now and lead your local market!

    Buy your Google Review Cards today and enjoy free shipping . Estimated delivery time to the Peninsula: 1-3 business days.

    How many smart cards do you need? Save by ordering two or more!
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    Why implement Google review cards in your business?

    Subir_en_el_Google_ranking - Google Smart Card

    Best positions in Google Ranking

    By having more reviews, your business will rise in search results , gaining visibility and trust.

    Atraer_a_nuevos_clientes_de_Google - Google Smart Card

    New customers

    The first thing customers look at when searching on Google are reviews. Stand out and be the one chosen with the most reviews .

    Aumentar_el_trafico_web - Google Smart Card

    Increased Web Traffic

    Positive reviews attract more clicks to your website, which translates into more business opportunities.

    Aumentar_alcance_en_redes_sociales - Google Smart Card

    Strengthen your Presence on Social Networks

    Share reviews on your social networks to build a strong online reputation.

    Conseguir_mas_resenas_en_Google_facil_y_rapido - Google Smart Card

    Simplicity and Comfort

    Your customers will leave you reviews in seconds , without complications.

    They just have to bring their mobile phone closer to your Smart Card.

    Aparecer_mas_arriba_en_los_motores_de_busqueda_f0f4abe6-0c88-4ffc-a898-52949b314d1c - Google Smart Card

    Competitive advantage

    By having more reviews, you will appear above your local competitors on Google, and you will stand out as the preferred choice for new customers.

    +50,000 local and self-employed businesses now receive reviews daily with the Google Smart Card

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    Frequent questions

    How does it work?

    Bring your Google Smart Card to your customer's smartphone and thanks to contactless technology they will be instantly directed to your Google reviews page to leave you 5 stars and write a fantastic review. So easy and fast!

    How many cards do I need?

    It depends on you and your business! A single card will do a great job for you. It depends on how many people there are working in your business and you want them to use one card, or you may want to have several in different places so you always have one on hand.

    The average order we receive is 2 or 3 cards per client/business, since it is easier to have them nearby when you need them. So you rule.

    How many reviews can I collect with Google Smart Cards?

    Infinite! Google Smart Cards have no limit on the number of reviews they can collect.

    Do my customers need a Google account to write a review?

    Yes, they need to have a Google account.

    Nowadays almost anyone who has a smartphone has a Google account through YouTube, Gmail or Google Maps. To be exact, 93% of people with a smartphone have a Google account.

    I have received the cards and I have questions about how to use them

    We are here to help you at any time.

    Send us an email to and our experts will get back to you as soon as possible. We usually respond in less than 2 hours.

    What happens if I lose or damage my Google Smart Card?

    Send us an email to and we will send you another one at no cost!

    How long does shipping take and how much does it cost?

    Shipping to the Peninsula takes 1-3 business days. Shipping to the Balearic Islands or Canary Islands usually takes 1-4 business days.

    Shipping to Spain is free.

    Is there any type of commitment or permanence?

    No, none. You can cancel whenever you want.

    You can cancel from your customer area or by writing to us at

    Can I buy 5 star reviews?

    Yeah! For those who prefer to buy specific reviews, we offer the 5-star review purchasing service, and you can customize them however you want! More information here.